Select SMT RJ45 connector material

Welding process, since SMTRJ45 connector is reflow soldering technology to complete, so the material SMTRJ45 connectors used to withstand relatively high temperatures.

Welding SMTRJ45 connector entire board to go through a reflow oven, for a sufficient period of time in a high temperature furnace to melt the solder and then connected to the pin SMT. Requested socket subjected to high temperatures during operation at temperatures up to 260 ℃ so SMTRJ45 connector through the high-temperature furnace. Oven for too long can cause overheating or metal compound or open the circuit board solder, and some damage to sensitive components. To ensure SMTRJ45 connector parts of the welding process requirements, many high-temperature plastic insulator market. For example: LCP, PPS, PCT and other plastic body with more excellent heat resistance and plasticity. It is particularly important that the plastic insulator has superior stability, low degree of curvature, and can be injection molded into small shapes, which can reduce the size of the connector and thus helping dispersing heat during the welding process.